File Transfer via PC

 File transfer via PC

Creating a Windows FTP Connection

  1. Double-click on the My Network Places icon located on the desktop, or choose Start-My Network Places, or you can double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop and choose My Network from the side-bar. There are numerous ways to access the My Network functionality in the various Windows operating systems. Choose the one that works for you, or contact your IT department for assistance.
  2. In the Windows Explorer screen that opens up, double-click the Add Network Place icon in the browser window, or choose Add a New Network from the side-bar.
  3. At the “Welcome” screen click Next.
  4. At the “Where do you want to create this network place?” screen, click “Choose another network location” and then click Next.
  5. At the “What address” screen enter the ftp address: ftp://ftp.kubin.com and then click Next.
  6. At the “User Name and Password” screen uncheck the “Log on anonymously” box, enter the name knguest in the “User Name” field then click Next.
  7. At the “What do you want to name this place?” screen enter Kubin-Nicholson in the “Enter A Name” field then click Next.
  8. At the next screen click Finished.
  9. A “Log On As” dialog box will pop up. The user name will default to knguest. Click in the password field and enter the password given to you by your K•N Account Manager.
  10. Drag and drop your file(s) into the Drop Box folder.
  11. To protect the privacy of our clients you will not be able to see your file in the folder, but it is being transferred. The transfer of large files may require as much as 30 – 60 minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection. Once the files have been fully transferred please alert your Account Manger via E-mail or phone that you have uploaded file(s).

Should you encounter technical difficulties: Contact Kubin-Nicholson Technical Support @ 414-586-4321

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