Case Studies

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A national department store was looking for a printer that could deliver the highest quality of work at a competitive price. Fulfilling these requirements would not only call for the proper equipment to handle the workload, but the care and support of an exceptional team to deliver a quality product. Our incredible team and the Vutek GS 3200 printing press fit the bill.

  1. The Premise

    We had worked sporadically with this national department chain in the past, but we had our eye on working with them to create their quarterly changes of design prints in approximately 230 stores across the country. The client was clear about the need: unsurpassed quality at the most competitive price, in conjunction with meeting a rigorous delivery schedule.

  2. The Big Idea

    Before the purchase of our state-of-the-art high speed wide-format, 1200 dpi resolution digital press, we were unable to meet the quality and pricing needs of this department store. But when bidding for the campaign, we implemented the Vutek GS 3200 printing press. This put us on a completely different playing field than other printers because we were able to print exceptional quality work at a fraction of the time and cost.

    We won the quarterly campaign.

  3. The Plan

    A total of 1,746 prints were produced in three sizes:

    • 94″ x 108″ on 15 pt. C1S roll stock
    • 60″ x 84″ on 15 pt. C1S roll stock
    • 84″ x 60″ printed on 2/S on an eco-friendly vinyl-like substrate


    All items were printed on the same press, so all color matched perfectly. Unique finishing had to be accomplished on each print, requiring design and construction of specialized tables (at no additional cost to the client) on which the items were carefully cut, scored, taped, and the ends of each print were folded into a pocket for hanging on the stores’ customer fixtures.

    The prints were assembled in one of four different configurations for a total of 231 kits, and each of an additional 26 kits required its own individual configuration of printed items. Custom cartons were utilized for packing and the kits were shipped to a segment of the department store locations. A spreadsheet was provided by the client and was manipulated and imported into the UPS Worldship system for third party billing.

  4. The Result

    Kubin learned much from the experience, as should be the norm with any customized production effort. After the first round, the specialized finishing process was reconfigured and reduced time in that set of operations by 40%.