Case Studies

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When a national electronic retail store needed a campaign to be printed and shipped in seven days, they were looking for a printer who not only could meet the deadline, but deliver the highest quality product and have the shipping experience and capabilities to get each piece where it needed to go efficiently. Our experience working these fast turnover projects, combined with our expert team and equipment, gave this retail chain exactly what they needed and then some.

  1. The Premise

    A national electronic retail store was on a tight deadline: they needed a national print campaign finished at quality and shipped in seven days in order to coordinate with their TV, radio, and various other media efforts. The print campaign consisted of in-store posters for 4,700 locations.

    The actual printing of the materials, however, was only half of the order. Shipping of such a campaign would require just as much expertise so that items wouldn’t be damaged in transit, each item would get to their destination on time, and the cost would be minimal to the retailer.

    Complex shipping just happens to be one of our specialties.

  2. The Plan

    Once we were awarded the project, we immediately put our top team to work to hit the deadline. We created out:

    • 12”x48” 30 mil styrene
    • 18”x48” 24pt. C2S
    • 42”x48” 15 mil styrene
    • 23”x48” 15pt. C1S
    • 12”x48” 30 mil styrene
    • 18”x48” 24pt. C2S
    • 42”x71” 15 mil styrene


    The quantities of posters ranged from 40 to 10,500 and were printed on the EFI flatbed and the KBA 81” litho press. The finishing included I-Cut, rolling, drilling holes and applying Velcro to the products for the in-store frames.

    In order to ship all of the products in a way that would maintain the quality of each item but get them to their destinations on time and minimal cost, we used a partial kit packing for the smaller quantity items and bulk shipping for the larger pieces.

  3. The Result

    The client each item right on time to go hand-in-hand with the other elements of their national campaign. We continued to work with the retailer on future programs with many different types of products, sizes, and shipping needs.